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Recommended readings – a reading list for creative methods

In this post I share my reservation about reading lists, and I share the articles, journals and books that I see as my "go-to" publications.
Cover slide from the presentation.

Research ethics in a changing social sciences landscape

This is a recording of my talk "Research ethics in a changing social sciences landscape" from the UCL Research Ethics Conference "Frontiers in Best Practice in Research Ethics" in September 2022.

The lived experience of fibromyalgia

This podcast is an audio-recording with slides as it was presented on the 25th June 2021 to the fibromyalgia support group Faversham Fibromyalgia Friends.

Article: “Where’s the validation?”

This article presents an original engagement with research into emotions in the PhD to ask ‘Where’s the validation?’ by using emotion work as a theoretical foundation.

Article: Using LEGO® to understand emotion work

This paper presents how LEGO® can be used in workshops to explore doctoral students’ emotions around the complex and solitary experience of a PhD research.

“I can’t describe what I’m going through”

This is my contribution to the RAI2018 conference in London "I can't describe what I'm going through - research, arts and therapy".

Article: Preventing plagiarism and fostering academic identity

This is the link to the PDF version of the article "Preventing plagiarism and fostering academic identity: a practical approach" (Brown and Janssen, 2017).

Reflective model according to Kolb

This is a brief description of Kolb's reflective model.