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The ResDance podcast: Embodied Inquiry

I was invited to contribute to the ResDance Podcast. My contribution was about my Embodied Inquiry work, as part of my own research and as part of the Embodied Inquiry: Research Methods book.
Image of Special Issue "Chronic Disease, Disability, and Community Care" of International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Article: The social course of fibromyalgia: resisting processes of marginalisation

This article reports an empirical study into the lived experience of fibromyalgia, which led to the identificiation of four forms of resistance against processes of marginalisation amongst those who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Image of the cover for the book "how to make the most of your research journal": a journal surrounded by items used for journaling

Book launch: Making the most of your research journal

This is the recording of the book launch event to celebrate the publication of "Making the most of your research journal".
Collage of representation of yellow Covid virus on blue background, and words from newspaper articles. Words are: chaos, hundreds, fears, grief, infectious. In white ink: 2020, These are the days

Creative output: “Just one more time…”

This is an excerpt of "Just one more time...", a fictionalised account of real-life experiences during the first year of the COVID19 pandemic.

Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic

This is an extract from my contribution to the LSE Impact blog exploring lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Article: Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis

This article presents the Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis, a framework combining visual and textual data in a systematic, analytical approach.

Image of one slide from the presentation depicting a quote from a participant: Invisible disability in the academy is exhausting, peers & work conditions constantly overlook my needs. They have difficulty grasping fluctuations & often it's easier to just shrug off my needs.

Disability post-lockdown

This post is a link to a recording from an event held on the 25th November 2020 via the University of Birmingham, where I was asked to discuss disability experiences before and after Covid19 Lockdown.
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Supervising PhDs: Creating a sense of belonging

This is an extract from a guest post on the Supervising PhDs Community Blog, which I co-authored with Dr Jo Collins from University of Kent. In the post, we explore what research supervisors can do to help develop a sense of belonging amongst their doctoral students.

Disclosure Dances in Doctoral Education

Disclosure dances - I am inviting you to take in part in my research project. Information, contact details and consent form available from here.

Article: Using LEGO® to understand emotion work

This paper presents how LEGO® can be used in workshops to explore doctoral students’ emotions around the complex and solitary experience of a PhD research.

A conversation about creative and art-based methods in research

This entry shows the edited outcome of a video-recorded conversation regarding the use of creative and art-based methods in research.

Presentation from the KSSEE conference

The KSSEE (Korean Society for the Study of Elementary Education) had invited me to Seoul, South Korea, to give a talk about ICT in the Primary Curriculum in the UK.

Strategies for learning names of students

Strategies for learning names at the beginning of an academic year, and reasons for why learning names is important.

Reflective model according to Gibbs

This is a brief description of how the reflective cycle according to Gibbs works.