Screenshot of opening slide showing presentation title and contact details for Nicole Brown

Identity boxes: An art-based approach at a distance

This presentation video exploring identity boxes as an art-based approach at a distance was recorded for the virtual NVivo conference Qualitative Research in a Changing World. 
Screenshot of opening slide showing presentation title and contact details for Nicole Brown

The relationship between creative and participatory approaches to research

This is a presentation based on my article Scope and Continuum of Participatory Research. This video was recorded for the MPE/MeCCSA Practice Network Symposium 2021.
Image of the cover for the book "how to make the most of your research journal": a journal surrounded by items used for journaling

Book: Making the most of your research journal

"Making the most of your research journal" offers guidance and additional resources to make research journaling effective.

Article: Exploring experiences of ableism in academia

This article presents disabled academics' experiences and collective understandings of ableism as constructed through normalisation and able-bodiedness.
Cover slide of YouTube talk showing Dr Brown and Dr Güzel

Wellbeing in Higher Education podcast: Ableism

I was invited to contribute to the Cambridge Centre for International Research podcast series to talk about the experience of disabled people in higher education and how to improve the situation.
Image of concentric circles in different colours.

Creative output: Participatory research: Full ethical approval

This poem about full ethical approval is the outcome of poetic inquiry and analysis within Embodied Inquiry from my research with academics.

Article: Making sense of cultural bumps – Supporting GTAs with teaching

This article reports on a study with over 100 Graduate Teaching Assistants exploring experiences of ‘cultural bumps’ at a UK University.

Using creative methods to collect data in social research

Workshop to explore creativity within research and to identify opportunities to use creative methods within the research process.

Presentation from the HEA Annual conference

This is my contribution to the HEA annual conference that was held in Manchester in July 2017.

Presentation from the KSSEE conference

The KSSEE (Korean Society for the Study of Elementary Education) had invited me to Seoul, South Korea, to give a talk about ICT in the Primary Curriculum in the UK.

Book review: Study skills for students with dyslexia

This review is about "Study skills for students with dyslexia". This is a good resource for teachers helping prepare students for University.

Simulation of brain fog

Brain fog is difficult to explain. So I tried to create a simulation of an episode of brain fog.

Time management

A cyclical process of reading, writing and editing is only possible if you leave enough time. Time management is therefore one of the key skills to learn when entering University life. The easiest way to introduce effective time management is by preparing schedules.

Action plan template

Download an action plan from here