Image of the cover for the book "how to make the most of your research journal": a journal surrounded by items used for journaling

Book: Making the most of your research journal

"Making the most of your research journal" offers guidance and additional resources to make research journaling effective.

Article: Exploring experiences of ableism in academia

This article presents disabled academics' experiences and collective understandings of ableism as constructed through normalisation and able-bodiedness.
Cover slide of YouTube talk showing Dr Brown and Dr Güzel

Wellbeing in Higher Education podcast: Ableism

I was invited to contribute to the Cambridge Centre for International Research podcast series to talk about the experience of disabled people in higher education and how to improve the situation.
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Creative output: Participatory research: Full ethical approval

This poem about full ethical approval is the outcome of poetic inquiry and analysis within Embodied Inquiry from my research with academics.

Disclosure dances: The experience of PhD students with invisible disabilities in higher education

This post is a link to a recording from my presentation "Disclosure Dances" presented on the 30 June 2021 at the UCL Institute of Education.

The lived experience of fibromyalgia

This podcast is an audio-recording with slides as it was presented on the 25th June 2021 to the fibromyalgia support group Faversham Fibromyalgia Friends.

Title slide of the presentation Trotz Fleiß kein Preis

Ableismus in Academia: Trotz Fleiß kein Preis?

This post is a link to a recording from an event held via the Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, where I was asked to discuss ableism in academia.

Supervising PhDs: Atypical in more than one way

This is an extract from a guest post on the Supervising PhDs Community Blog. In the post, I discuss what research supervisors can do to support doctoral students who may have disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or neurodiversities.

Liberating the Curriculum: Ableism in Academia

This is an extract from a guest interview on the Liberating the Curriculum website of UCL published in relation to my ableism in academia work. In this post, I reflect on my ableism work, how I came about to take a leading role in the activism around ableism in academia. 

Article: Identity boxes: objects as data collection

This paper considers the use of identity boxes as a data collection method to elicit experiences.

Pluralism lesson resources

Download the resources for the pluralism lesson from here.

Writing a good academic essay

Consider some key elements when writing an academic essay: structure, language, use of sources.

Action plan template

Download an action plan from here

The bilingual’s relationship with language

Having a bilingual child does not necessarily mean that the child’s relationship with languages is an easy one. It is possible that your bilingual child simultaneously loves and loathes languages.