Dr Nicole Brown

Source: N Brown

Source: N Brown

Please, download my full CV from here.

I am a lecturer in education and academic head of learning and teaching at the UCL Institute of Education, London. I am currently leading the module “Literacy, Language and Communication”, a compulsory module within the BA Education Studies.

Most recently, I worked as a programme leader, lecturer and tutor on a secondary teacher education programme.

I was awarded my PhD in Sociology at the University of Kent for my thesis “The ‘I’ in fibromyalgia: the construction of academic identity under the influence of fibromyalgia”. I hold the Master of Teaching from the Institute of Education, and a Magister der Philosophie in Anglistics & Americanistics and French from the University of Vienna, Austria. I also hold the Postgraduate Certifcate in Higher Education from the University of Kent, the postgraduate IoLET Diploma in Translation, and the Fellow as well as the Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

After my first degree I worked as a secondary teacher of modern foreign languages and taught English and French in Austria and German and French in the UK. Having gained several years of practical experience in the classroom I made the move from secondary to higher education.


Research interests

The underlying principle for my work is that research, teaching and social activism are inextricably interconnected. As a consequence, my personal practices in research, teaching and dissemination are also interwoven. The constant in the narrative of my work is to give voice to the unheard and empower the marginalised. I aim to provide those with quieter voices with means and tools to explore the unexplored and express the in-expressible. My research interests therefore lie with advancing learning and teaching and ways of improving knowledge generation:

  • Participatory, multi-sensory and immersive research, in particular through arts-based approaches, material and physical representations and metaphors
  • Student experiences and learning
  • Teacher education and development in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector
  • Identity and identity construction in general, but more specifically in higher education including the identities of those in precarious positions and with disabilities and/or chronic conditions
  • The performative and communicative role of the body


My most notable publications


Leigh, J. S. & Brown, N. (2021). What is Embodied Inquiry?. London: Bloomsbury.

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Book chapters

Brown, N. & Morgan, C. (2020). Rhythmanalysis as a method to account for time in qualitative research. In: Clift, B. C., Gore, J., Gustafsson, S., Bekker, S. & Costas Batlle, I. (eds.). Temporality in Qualitative Inquiry: Theories, Methods and Practices. Routledge.

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Panjwani, F. & Brown, N. (2020). Teaching for 3 Cs: centring imagination in teacher education. In: Nolan, K. & Tupper, J. (eds.). Social Theory for Teacher Education Research: Beyond the Technical-Rational. Bloomsbury.


Open educational resources

Brown, N. & Janssen, R. (2019). Workshop materials for the preventing plagiarism workshop: https://open-education-repository.ucl.ac.uk//567/