Support in higher education and with research

Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd. offers support through supervision, coaching, mentoring and CBT counselling (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) to help you reach your goals within academia. 

Would you like targeted supervisory support with your research?
Do you have questions about your research project?
Are imposter syndrome, writer’s block or anxiety stopping you from achieving?

Are you unsure how to map your career in higher education?
Do you feel lonely navigating academia?

We help you…

  • combat writer’s block through specific writing techniques alongside CBT strategies to remove anxiety and self-doubt
  • manage performance anxiety and perfectionist traits through coaching and counselling
  • navigate career choices such as positioning yourself on the research and teaching tracks or disclosing disability, chronic illness  and/or neurodiversity
  • reduce the effects of imposter syndrome through coaching and counselling
  • prepare applications for Fellowships of the Higher Education Academy or the UKCGE Research Supervision Recognition through coaching and mentoring
  • identify career development and training opportunities through coaching and mentoring
  • with supervision and mentoring support for research from undergraduate to post-doctoral level

Through combining supervision, coaching, mentoring and counselling, we are able to target the support where it is needed in the way it is needed. 


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