Critical incidents according to Tripp

This is a brief outline of what Tripp considers as critical incidents.

Reflective model according to Gibbs

This is a brief description of how the reflective cycle according to Gibbs works.

Reflective model according to Brookfield

This is a brief description of how Brookfield's four lenses work in reflective practice.

Reflective model according to Kolb

This is a brief description of Kolb's reflective model.

Reflective model according to Rolfe et al.

This is a description of how Rolfe's model of reflection should be used in order to improve practice and learning.

Teaching and reflective practice

Teaching and learning are complex due to the many factors that impact what happens in a classroom. Teachers need to constantly adapt and change their activities and plans accordingly. And in order to do just that in an efficient and effective way, teachers must be reflective.