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Lesson planning – some recommendations

Source: N Brown
When observing experienced teachers in lessons or when looking at their lesson plans, the lesson planning process appears easy. However, once you start planning your first lesson you will soon realise that there are many aspects that you must take into consideration. Here are some recommendations to get you started.

Systematic reading to prepare a literature review

Source: N Brown
If you read a great range of articles you may find that you cannot remember who said what when and where. Therefore, a systematic approach to reading and taking notes is necessary. It may be helpful to apply the "CaMLISd" grid.

Writing entries in a reflective journal

Source: N Brown
Writing entries for a reflective journal is often a daunting aspect of teacher training, as we are not used to writing diaries. Here are some thoughts on how to get started with writing reflections.

Writing an action plan

Source: N Brown
How to write an action plan in order to improve teaching practice. An action plan should include targets, next steps and success criteria for it to be meaningful.

Critical incidents according to Tripp

Source: adapted from Tripp (1993)
This is a brief outline of what Tripp considers as critical incidents.

Reflective model according to Gibbs

Source: adapted from Gibbs (1988)
This is a brief description of how the reflective cycle according to Gibbs works.