Presentation from the SEDA conference

This is about my contribution to the SEDA conference in November 2016, which was about aspects of the Secondary Teacher Education Programme.

Presentation from the KSSEE conference

The KSSEE (Korean Society for the Study of Elementary Education) had invited me to Seoul, South Korea, to give a talk about ICT in the Primary Curriculum in the UK.

Book Review: Against Plagiarism – A Guide for Editors and Authors

This post links to the review of the book "Against Plagiarism - A Guide for Editors and Authors".

Presentation from the ESLTIS16 conference

Download my presentation from the ESLTIS16 (Enhancing Student Learning Through Scholarship 2016) conference from here.

STEP presentation from the UCLTL conference

Watch my presentation and download my sketchnote summary about STEP from the UCL Teaching and Learning conference.

Preventing plagiarism from the UCLTL conference

See feedback from the conference workshop about Preventing Plagiarism and the Role of Identity Codes.

Presentation from the Islam and Peaceful Relations conference

Download my presentation from the "Islam and Peaceful Relations" conference from here.