QR:  Invisible illness and academic identity

Invisible illness and academic identity

I am currently working on a research on how the invisible illness fibromyalgia shapes the identity of academics. The research will look at the construction and use of labels for specific illnesses and the construction of identity. The research methodology will be qualitative and participatory in nature and research methods will look at capturing the lived experiences of academics suffering from invisible illnesses.


The “I” in fibromyalgia

How does fibromyalgia shape the academic self?


How do academics construct their academic selves under the influence of fibromyalgia and in response to fibromyalgia treatments?

How do academic fibromyalgia sufferers experience fibromyalgia treatments?

What is the lived experience of an ill academic persona?

How is fibromyalgia experienced in public and in private?

What does the act of disclosing an invisible illness mean for the academic and private self?


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