QR:  Book: Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia

Book: Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia


Lived Experiences of Ableism in Academia: Strategies for Inclusion in Higher Education is available from Policy Press/Bristol University Press and Amazon.


Demands for excellence and efficiency have created an ableist culture in academia. What impact do these expectations have on disabled, chronically ill and neurodiverse colleagues?

This important and eye-opening collection explores ableism in academia from the viewpoint of academics’ personal and professional experiences and scholarship. Through the theoretical lenses of autobiography, autoethnography, embodiment, body work and emotional labour, contributors present insightful, critical, analytical and rigorous explorations of being ‘othered’ in academia.

Deeply embedded in personal experiences, this perceptive book provides examples for universities to develop inclusive practices, accessible working and learning conditions and a less ableist environment.


“Using ‘lived experience’ first-hand accounts, this volume illuminates the complex, and often shocking experience of combining the aspirations and demands of academic life with the stigma of managing disability and chronic illness.” Gillian Bendelow, University of Brighton


Here is a link to the launch event hosted by Policy Press/Bristol University Press on the 1st July 2021:


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