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Book: Embodied Inquiry: Research Methods


This book is available from Bloomsbury US, Bloomsbury UK and Amazon.


Embodied inquiry is the process of using embodied approaches in order to study, explore or investigate a topic. But what does it actually mean to be ’embodied’? This book explores why and how we use our bodies in order to research, what an embodied approach brings to a research project, and the kinds of considerations that need to be taken into account to research in this way.

We all have bodies, feelings, emotions and experiences that affect the questions we are interested in, the ways in which we choose to approach finding out the answers to those questions, and the patterns we see in the data we gather as a result. Embodied Inquiry foregrounds these questions of positionality and reflexivity in research. It considers how a project or study may be designed to take these into account and why multimodal and creative approaches to research may be used to capture embodied experiences. The book offers insights into how to analyse the types of data emerging from embodied inquiries, and the ethical considerations that are important to consider.

Accounting for the interdisciplinary nature of the field, this book has been written to be a concise primer into Embodied Inquiry for research students, scholars and practitioners alike.


“Leigh and Brown take their readers on a thoroughly engaging romp across the sensory landscape of embodied inquiry. Grounded in interdisciplinary theorizing and bursting with practical wisdom, this book is a must-read for researchers and students seeking to embody and enrich their scholarship.” Laura Ellingson, Professor of Communication and Women’s & Gender Studies of Santa Clara University, USA


Embodied Inquiry provides useful frameworks for conceptualizing embodied research and numerous examples that show the breadth of possibilities. Leigh and Brown seam together their divergent approaches to embodied inquiry to create a book that speaks to a broad audience. Written in clear and approachable language, the book is a practical guide for both students and scholars interested in engaging in an embodied research process.” Kimber Andrews, Assistant Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning (CET&L), University of Cincinnati, USA


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