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Teaching empathy

Sometimes, we ask students to show empathy, especially when they are writing creatively or when they consider historical developments. But empathy is actually quite a difficult concept, and therefore teaching empathy is crucial. This short video by Dr Brené Brown and Katy Davis (aka Gobblynne) may be useful to introduce the concept of empathy and how it differs from sympathy.

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  1. Thank you for this. I see many who do not know the difference and figure they have both but actually just practice one: sympathy.

    I am looking into the effect of neuroplasticity and its effect on memory and learning. When plasticity is not practiced, as if it could be, I notice sympathy is the prevailing response. So if one is trained for neural rigidity, sympathy will always be the response. Therefore, when trying to “teach” empathy I would first have to induce plasticity. But if plasticity was inherent, I would not have to teach empathy I would then just point out its importance for every case. This is an ongoing research project that may last a lifetime.

    I thank you for the exercise.

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