QR:  Book: Making the most of your research journal

Book: Making the most of your research journal

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Source: PolicyPress

Making the most of your research journal:

Providing practical guidance based on real-life examples, this book shows researchers different forms and ways of keeping a research journal and how to get the most out of journaling.

Appealing to postgraduate students, new and experienced researchers, the book:

  • provides a theoretical grounding and information about knowledge and sensory systems and reflexivity;
  • presents a practical exploration of what a journal looks like and when and how to record entries;
  • includes helpful end-of-chapter exercises and valuable further resources hosted on a companion website.

Providing valuable food for thought and examples to experiment with, the book highlights the different forms of research journals and entries so that readers can find what works for them. Giving researchers licence to do things differently, the book encourages and enables readers to develop their own sense of researcher identity and voice.


Interview with The PhD Life Raft about Making the most of your research journal:



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