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Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis

Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis:
A Framework for Analysing Visual and Textual Data


Image of two weaves. One weave is robust and carefully woven, the other one is missing some steps, and therefore less robust and rigorous.

Source. NBrown

In this interactive webinar hosted by Photovoice Worldwide for their youtube channel, I presented the Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis, a framework developed to provide much-needed support for qualitative researchers in analysing artefacts in combination with interviews.

I commenced my presentation with a brief outline of the problem we all encounter when we combine some form of interviewing with the production of photographs, artefacts, collages, maps or drawings and the like: the lack of a systematic framework for analysis. I then presented how the Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis as a framework may redress this issue.

In breakout groups, participants then had an opportunity to apply the framework on an example from my own research and to discuss its benefits and challenges. In the subsequent plenary discussion we explicated the theoretical and philosophical foundations of the framework. In my concluding reflections I outlined key considerations of what makes a “good” Systematic Visuo-Textual Analysis.

The article outlining the framework can be accessed freely via The Qualitative Report

The slides and resources I used for this interactive presentation can be downloaded in PDF from here.

The video below is the recording from the interactive presentation I delivered for Photovoice Worldwide.

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